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Scottish Blackface Sheep

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Country Haven Farm, located in Wisconsin's rolling countryside outside of Madison, has been our home for 17 years and our Scotties appear to like it as well.  Our flock consists of 100 breeding ewes and three ram lines.  Our genetics have links to Scotland through AI.

This sheared ewe is representative of our flock.  Her nicely placed horns and black and white face and legs are characteristic of Scotties.  Adult ewes average 115 pounds with some reaching 140.  Adult rams are usually around 225 pounds.

Our Scotties have proven to be exactly what we were looking for when we got into sheep...self-sufficient, they thrive on natural vegetation, are disease and parasite resistant and excellent mothers.
Breeding Stock
We have Spring 2016 ewe lambs available as well as ram lambs, one-year olds and three-year olds. 
Reasons to Raise Scottish Blackface Sheep 
  • Scotties are hardy and resistant to disease and parasites.
  • They are excellent mothers and good milk producers for their lambs.
  • They are a grass breed...sustaining themselves and their lambs on grass.  We do watch pregnant ewes for condition and do supplement with grain if they need it.
  • Scotties are a smaller sheep breed; we find them easier to handle for that reason and we do appreciate the horns for individual animal control as well.
  • Their meat is low-fat and milder in taste.  
  • Blackface wool is strong, and especially good for weaving, felting and the making of rugs.
Wool for Sale  
At Country Haven Farm we shear the sheep in April and May.  If you would like to come out and select your fleece, contact us at (920) 988-4313 or by email. 

Scottish Blackface wool is a very durable and a naturally springy long-staple wool. The use of Scottie fleeces by fiber artists and hand-spinners is growing for use in rugs, blankets, and wall hangings. It is an excellent wool for felting.
Raw fleeces..................$10/fleece
Picked/washed/carded roving..........$11 for 8 oz. ball

           Scottish Wool Roving

Tanned Scottish Sheep Skin

Sheep Care Calendar

January - February:   Watch and wait with pregnant ewes.
Early February - Ewe Health Check: Give Vaccination booster and worm pregnant ewes. (2 - 3 weeks before lambs are due. This gives extra immunity to the lambs.)
March - Early April - Lambing:  From first lamb to last is usually 3 weeks.
April - First vaccinations given to lambs at one month of age.
May - Second vaccinations given to lambs at 7 - 8 weeks of age.  Ewes and lambs go out on pasture.

Phone: 555-555-5555

Sheep Care Calendar 

End of May – Ram & Yearling Ewe Health Check: Shear, vaccinate, worm and trim hooves.

July/August – Lamb Health Check: Wean and worm lambs; put on clean pasture.
Early October - Ewe & Ram Health Check: Worm & Trim hooves.
Mid-October – Ewes and Rams put in breeding groups.
Mid-November – Ewes and Rams separated; Ewes moved to lambing barn and exercise area.
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